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Things To Do In Edmonton, Alberta

Famous for its natural beauty, history, culture and tourist attractions, Edmonton is a city for every person. Edmonton is home to the most extensive historical museum, historical park of Canada and the biggest shopping centre of North America. If you wish to see more than this, you will come across lively theatres, sports matches and splendid architecture. There are numerous things to do in Edmonton to please different people having different interests, varying from outdoor adventure to indoor activities.

1. Elk Island National Park

The Elk National Park is only a 30-minute drive away from the city and is encompassed of wetlands, lakes, and wooded area. You will find different species of wildlife such as deer, beavers, moose and elk, but perhaps, the main attractive point of this park is the herd of bison, which you can see grazing.

2. West Edmonton Mall

The West Edmonton Mall of Canada is not only the largest shopping mall in the country and most extensive in the world, but it's also a top tourist point. You won't only find numerous restaurants and shops, but this mall provides you with a hotel, ice rink, movie cinema, aquarium, and the list goes on.

3. Royal Alberta Museum

One of the exciting things to do in Edmonton is the Alberta Museum, aiming to attract tourists and locals at the same time to discover the cultural and national history of the region. The Royal Alberta Museum originally opened very nearly 50 years before. Lodging more than 10 million artefacts in near 4000 square meters of room, there is genuinely something to start thecuriosity of any interest, from regular history to native culture.

4. Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

Set up during the 1970s along the Yellowhead Highway, this outdoors museum safeguards the cultural legacy of the numerous migrants from Ukraine and Bukovina who settled in Alberta during the 1980s. Many living history components are discovered, including a smithy, market, and an older style general store.

5. Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

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