$50 Sticks and Doodles Gift Card

  • Sticks & Doodles is locally owned by Kyle and Danelle in Regina, Saskatchewan. 


    Creatively gifted with maddening organizational skills, Danelle is the engine behind every design and concept, continuously adding and improving the full line lineup of products.  

    With one eye on marketing, and another on innovation, Kyle brings strategy and process to life, striving to introduce our products to more and more people. 




    At Sticks and Doodles we design and build products for the sole purpose of creating awesome moments for our customers and their community.

  • Email team@sticksanddoodles.com a picture of your Explore Pass and they will provide you with a unique code to redeem for a free Customized Crewneck Sweater in any clothing Collection. 


    Visit SticksandDoodles.com to browse the Clothing Collections, which include Wedding, Family, Fun & Lifestyle, At the Lake and Makers.


    Happy shopping!