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$50 Gift Card for Tamarind - The Real Taste of India

  • Indian cuisine is renowned for its delightful blend of spices, fusion of the most exotic ingredients and carefully considered recipes to bring nothing short of magic on the plate. At Tamarind, we are committed to giving you a bite of the vast Indian culinary experience. Our food is healthy, fresh and takes you closest to India with its authenticity.


    We understand that you deserve only the very best on your plate, which is why we have partnered and solidified bonds with local suppliers and farmers. What we have to offer is an amalgamation of the most savored dishes from the North and South of India.


    The chefs at Tamarind are proficient, well-trained and most importantly enjoy what they do. A motto in Indian kitchens goes like this – it is easy for a chef to fill the stomach but only a true chef can fill the heart. Our team at Tamarind believes we can accomplish this.

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