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Intuitive Energy Healing Treatment. $60 value.

$60 Intuitive Energy Healing Treatment

  • Kindra is a Intuitive Wholistic Practitioner and a Registered Reiki Practitioner with the Canadian Reiki Association. She has been an Esthetician since 2002, specializing in Body Waxing.
    Kindra has been intuitive since a very young age, where her premonitions would become reality. While in highschool her premonitions started to intesify and her mother became ill, and this is when she started surpressing her natural abilities.
    A few years later while dealing with another illness of her mothers', she knew she had to find ways to help her mother and herself deal with the stress. She turned to natural healing. She would use Crystals, essential oils and techinques that she learnt from other healers to help get rid of infections, deal with pain and aid in sleep. After witnessing the changes in herself and her mother. She needed to know more. Kindra's mother passed away a few years later, and this only created a stronger desire to learn more and help heal others.

    Kindra is continually studying in the world of spirituality and natural healing including Reiki, crystal healing, card reading, angels, mediumship, past life, space clearing and more.

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