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We fill a unique role in the community by being a bridge between the intimate home learning environment and that of the curriculum directed school by combining play with specific learning objectives, in an informal and developmentally appropriate setting. We support intergenerational learning and independent discovery in a safe space for children of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to explore, experiment and interact with the natural and built world.


Guests redeeming an Explore Pass will have one time access for a family of up to 5 people, during normal operating hours, to our 25,000 square feet of space which includes 2 full floors and a mezzanine level of interactive exhibits. Come and see what you'll discover today at Nutrien Wonderhub!

$40 Family Entry to Nutrien Wonderhub

  • Nutrien Wonderhub is Saskatchewan's Children Museum that provides a unique and welcoming space for children to learn and express themselves through hands on exploration and playful learning.


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