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Get a scrumptuous lunch for two at Brain Snacks Co, including two artisan sandwiches designed by food blogger @planttribefood. Your choice of soup or salad, plus taste the best of Canadian-roasted with coffee with two lattes prepared on our Victoria Arduino White Eagle espresso machine. Lots of choices for everyone, including vegan-friendly.

$50 Lunch For Two at Brain Snacks Co.

  • With more than 12 years in a business environment and a bit of a career addiction, our Founder Donna Crooks began to ponder her experiences and observations of working women with children. She was brought up to believe that Feminism had done its work and she could do anything. But once she started a family, her career prospects changed dramatically. As a young woman, Donna’s career accelerated early, with an executive position and a six-figure salary before she was 30.


    Wham! Gender bias in the workplace dropped out of the sky and crushed her, more than once. And thus the Millennial Feminist in her was born.


    Donna realized all women face barriers to career success, and achieving parity with their male counterparts. Thinking of this problem, she wondered about a place where women, and men who support women, could grow their careers and flourish in their personal and professional lives. Brain Snacks Co helps to create more opportunities for women to be as invested in their careers and personal progress as their husbands might be. 


    With her expertise in career development and leadership, and with three kids under her belt, Donna is working aggressively with her team to grow Brain Snacks Co into a full-service business that helps careerists integrate their personal and professional lives so that they can be successful in both areas.


    To learn more about the impact of motherhood on Donna’s career journey, check out our flagship event, Guide to the Mommy Galaxy.